New bicycle route

In the last two days I have chosen a new route for my evening bicycling. This route is otherwise quite pleasant, but it goes a couple of kilometers in a road where cars drive with a great speed. The road is named Lapinkyläntie, and it goes from Kauklahti to Veikkola. Fortunately, in the time when I cycle there, the traffic is not very heavy.

Normally, I have my earphones and the radio with me. It was funny when today I did not have the radio with me because of the batteries were low, but during the whole trip I remembered the yesterdays program, where the Finnish movie director Renny Harlin talked about his career. Each hill reminded me of some of his sentence. Unbelievable! For how long do I still link the country roads of Vitträsk to the life of Renny Harlin?

The newest route is depicted in this map with the colour blue.

Näytä Fillarireittejä suuremmalla kartalla